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I’m Kesha, pretty classy with a pinch of crazy and a single working mom of 3. I have a teenage daughter with a constant attitude, a preteen son who is addicted to Fortnite, and a younger son with thousands of questions…EVERYDAY! Can you guess why I’m crazy?!

Maintaining a strong, positive sense of self when taking care of everyone else can be difficult. It’s easy to forget how truly unique and wonderful you really are. It takes significant effort to achieve and maintain #thegoodlife as a single parent with endless responsibilities.

However, my goal is to constantly remind myself and YOU to live, laugh, and love everyday no matter what! It’s important because you can’t live #thegoodlife without doing these things. So let’s share our experiences and creative ways that help make the single working mom life easier!

– prettyclassypinchofcrazy ❤

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I wake up each day looking forward to my warm cup of coffee from my little red Keurig. It’s part of my morning routine. I take my coffee with a splash of almond milk and caramel creamer, but before I drink it I always close my eyes and inhale that warm, rich aroma. Ahhhhh! I… Continue reading WHAT’S YOUR VICE?

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